Ministry of Tourism (MoT) Republic of Indonesia invites Indonesian restaurants all over the world to partner in Wonderful Indonesia co-branding program.

MOT will:

  • Provide in-kind promotion in Ministry of Tourism media and social media, in Wonderful Indonesia events.
  • Give the first opportunity to participate in Wonderful Indonesia in the city or country where the Official partner Restaurants domicile
  • Give the opportunity to connect in Business to Business with Wonderful Indonesia Co Branding partners in Indonesia – consist of banks, airline, cosmetics, food and non foods, fashion and crafts.

Restaurant partners are expected to:

Promote Wonderful Indonesia Tourism in the restaurant

Through :

  • Wonderful Indonesia Corner where we can display the flyers, map about Indonesian Destination;
  • also possibility to join promotion in B o B with others of Indonesian Co Branding partner products that related to destination promotion as information. TVC – play WI TVC,
  • or short film to promote the destination in the Restaurant As a partner to introduce the Tourism destination through foods, and story behind the foods