Sate House

Founded in 1993

Price Range: NT$ **

Sate House was established in 1993, by Chinese-Indonesian owners. They're passionate about Indonesian cuisine and opened a restaurant in order to provide Taipei with authentic Indonesia cuisine.

I've ate at a few Indonesian restaurants in Taipei, but never felt compelled to write a review on any of them until I stepped foot in Sate House. CNN rated Sate House's beef rendang as the best in the world. That means that CNN thought an Indonesian restaurant, Sate House, in Taipei had better rendang than any restaurant in Indonesia itself. That doesn't normally happen. However, I concur, as I never eaten any beef rendang that was better than Sate House's while I was in Indonesia for a month. You can read more about their beef rendang in my critique within the picture section below.

Other Indonesian restaurants in Taipei offer smaller menus, low-quality buffets, and share a space with a small Indonesian shop. Sate House focuses on high-quality cuisine and doesn't have a buffet or a shop that would distract their attention from what's importantjust gourmet, authentic Indonesian food and that's it. Every single one of their dishes is the best in Taipei. They're easily the best Indonesian restaurant in Taipei.

No. 15號, Leli Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Republik Tiongkok.
Taipei 106
+886 2 2732 5048

Menu Information

Recommended Menu Items

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

Young chicken marinated for 24 hours in a 17-year-old marinade, then cooked with the marinade liquid and deep fried. Crispy yet succulent chicken dish to enjoy, especially when dipped in a special made shrimp chili paste.

Price per pax: NT$ 280.00


Skewered meat brushed continuously with special homemade sauce during the grilling process.

Price per pax: NT$ 320.00

Rendang Sapi

The name definitely has a ring ding deng to it. This stir fry beef mixed with herbs was sweet and tender where a fork could just easily cut straight through the flesh.

Price per pax: NT$ 340.00

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Other Info

  • Average price per pax: NT$ 500