Simpang Asia Indonesian Cafe

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Welcome or “Selamat datang” as we say in Indonesian, your interest in us have brought you to this page, so now allow us to say a few words about who we are.

Simpang Asia is a place for everyone who want to embrace and enjoy Indonesian culinary culture. In a word, Simpang Asia is the melting pot of creativity, experience, culture and life in a form of foods and drinks. Our aspiration has been the unique street style Indonesian food and the warmth of Indonesian home cook food that of course very close to our heart. We are bringing life experience from a culture stirred with creativity has lead us to grow into a new found page of Indonesian food. We’ve gone overboard to provide our customer the ‘real’ taste and highlighting the boldness taste of Indonesian food by preparing our dish from the scratch with the freshest ingredients.

Briefly, characters of Indonesian Foods are mostly aggressive be upfront with flavor and aroma but very satisfying in taste. It all comes from integrating spices and distinct irreplaceable ingredients such as lime leaves, lemon grass and garlic.

Our passion is to serve our best interpretation of Indonesian cuisine to our guests along with excellent service and humble attitude so our guests is no more guests but becoming a part of Simpang Asia family.

10433 National Blvd #2 Los Angeles, CA 90034
Los Angeles CA 90034
United States
+1 310-815-9075

Menu Information

Recommended Menu Items

Chicken Sate

Signature Indonesian grilled chicken skewers topped with our style peanut sauce. Comes with lime on the side & fried onion on top. Gluten-free is available upon request. (For togo order, peanut sauce on the side.)

Please inquire for price and availability

Martabak Manis

Indonesian pancake slice with chocolate, cheese, peanut, sesame seeds, and milk.

Please inquire for price and availability

Uduk Jakarta

Turmeric fried chicken, crispy tofu, coconut rice, simpang special sambal, egg, veggies, and chips. (gluten-free)

Please inquire for price and availability

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11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Other Info

  • Average price per pax: $ 30